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the number one rule to remember is that art is subjective. what does that mean? it means art (which is created by emotional reactions and for beauty) can be liked and disliked based on personal feeling and opinions. People can have their opinions some may like your work while others not so much. As artists, we have voices and we speak through our images we make. everyone on earth is different, and as an artist it is important to be yourself and stand out from the 7 billion other people. what a challenge!

photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo

photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo

be yourself

as the years go by, certain styles become trendy, and lots of photographers are editing and shooting with the same gear. it can be hard to stand out from the rest. but in the end doing something that we enjoy is the most important thing. time also plays a big factor in finding a style.

mix it up

i know i just said to be yourself, but it is also good to try new things. or possibly you do not know what you prefer. mixing things up can be beneficial and will help us learn what we do and do not like. opinions can change, and that is totally okay! keep experimenting and growing, and something will eventually "click." 


the world is full of inspiration! make a pinterest board or save instagram posts. communicate with other creatives on the b+b facebook group. if you find something inspiring, make sure you do not just give it a like and scroll past it. save it! put it somewhere you will see it often. 

finding your style will take time, so do not get frustrated if you wake up tomorrow without any ideas. it takes time. collect inspiration, mix it up, and most importantly just be yourself.